This web page is dedicated to every Spanish Galgo

This web page is dedicated to every Spanish Galgo who is being tortured as you read this, and awaiting the kind hand of courage to come in and rescue them. Every letter I have written, had published, and every person I have spoken to about the galgos, it is in dedication to them. To the associations who work tirelessly to save, mend and further protect Galgos from the cruel hands of the hunter.

Carlota and Ambo, the Ambasadog for the Galgos!!




domingo, 3 de febrero de 2008

Introducing Paloma!

A recent case presented to me .. I have placed here for you all to read. This is Paloma and her story...

A galgos life!

I would like to introduce you to Paloma, she was run over on the 28th January! Just another case of the thousands seen daily by those who work the galgo plight. Paloma, seen there lying on the floor. Named Paloma for her white coat, like a dove fallen from the sky with broken wings. Her story is as follows.Paloma is another victim fallen from the hands of a hunter. She has been wandering the streets of a local town for round about a year now, begging for food wherever she can.Poor poor Paloma, as though having been neglected from the hands of a hunter wasnt enough, to being abandoned, to progressing into a punch and torture bag for local Gypsies to take either their frustrations out on, or enjoy the bouts of torture they put her through. On more than one occasion they entered the town for their night time games, - a local lady hearing Palomas screams at night, went out giving the group of monstors a piece of her mind seeing the remians of a lost soul, lying there no strength to fight anymore. In agony and terrorised. Paloma, lost her wings to fly... like a fallen dove from the sky. Where is the law that could protect Paloma from that, why is there so much passiveness? Still, Paloma was not taken in, she was fed by locals but noone wants a galgo, noone wants to be seen from a small time town offering a galgo a home as a pet.. so she stayed in pain, in the cold, albeit a little less hungry than she was before. Oh Paloma, as if that was not all. Life on the street is hard, and when you are already hurt, its harder still.. in the cold and feeling rejected like vermin.. and then a lorry comes round the corner, and bam Paloma again, lost her wings to fly. Still with her strong will to live she continues this new life of the locals feeding her, its more than she has ever had before. After so much, and open wounds, sickness takes hold of Paloma, and "finally" a friend of mine was called to see if she can help. Along time coming, and help that could have been offered before had people called earlier. Its just people are so used to seeing galgos on the street, they are nothing more than beggars to town folk, a nuisance that could bite, could be ill. So very misunderstood! Iv'e seen it all before. Paloma did not want to be caught, but after some hard work between the lady who called in her abandonment, her son, and my friend they managed to put Paloma into the back of the car and rush her to the vet. The wound she has is massive and a was a danger to her. She began to hemorrage, and under full anesathetic began to see the broken veins and how profound her wounds were that she had been carrying round with her, the pain as much as the ache in her heart. She is recovering now, albeit the vet has said it will take a month before the wounds are closed fully. I have no doubt in my mind, it will take a lot longer than that to heal her broken heart! Are you the person who can help her achieve happiness and know real love, feel the warmth of a caring hand and a full stomach? Paloma is not in the care of an association, she is in the vets, and under care of a friend of mine who helps the galgos when she can.. this is what we all try to do. Her care is expensive, her recouperation timely, but galgos have an inner strength and a forgivness that overwhelmes me in amazement. Sincere to the end! If you can help Paloma find her forever home, or offer any help at all for her veterinary care, please contact Alejandra at or myself Paloma is no different than any other galgo in Spain. The numbers of cases are astranomical, as the hunting season closed this weekend I am inundated with emails about galgos in need. The associations stretched to their limits. With this in mind I would like to introduce you to CIUDAD ANIMAL. In Ciudad Real. An association in one of the worst punished areas of disrespect and disreguard for animal life. Lidia her boyfriend Loli and her husband, take care of 135 animals. You may ask, how can such few people take care of so many, they ask themselves the same question? There is one helper a 75 year old man. The area is a dangerous area for galgos in respect to theft. A little while ago I was talking with Lidia and she had re-homed her last galgo into another country. Now such a short time after, less than a month, she has 35. She has 10 at home, and she quite frequently mentions that the other dogs, enter into the shelter and never leave. Noone there wants to adopt. They have such little help, and those that do - pay 5 euros a month. Hands on deck so to speak, are -well themselves. The 4 of them clean, cure, rescue, take dogs to the border, whatever is necessary. Since the other day she has informed me she has several baby galgos of 2 months old found crossing the road, another dropped of by a friend and a couple little tiny breed of dogs thrown in a bin bag in the bin, all now adding to her 135. Her food supplier has dropped out as they have a debt of 1200 and they want that paid, vets bills incurred some 7,000 and the dogs just all need treating. You can bet that every single galgo that enters through Ciudad animal, as any other assoc. comes in with wounds so profound that there are no alternatives but for veterinary assistance. many vets collaborating as best they can, charging only medical supplies. Some, however not so giving! Ciudad animal is no different from any other association, they all pretty much run like this, in debt. The amount of dogs/galgos that need care is exceeding any help they receive. However Ciudad Animal, is a quiet association, with little help. Hence bringing them to your attention. Saving lives costs money, and the local council in their case has pulled out of their measley offering of 6.000 euros a year economic help, because they have rescued dogs bordering the next towns. Unbelieveable! This is a tough passion which breaks hearts, and yet we are all animal lovers. To those who hurt the helpless, the defenceless, and you get away with it ... well they are not people they are MONSTORS! Everyday I try my hardest to create more publicity for the galgos of Spain, looking abroad for help. Working the cause in the hope for a lucky break. trying to find ways to publish here to re-educate and let people know this is real, it happens in its thousands. Helping to find new homes for the galgos, looking in any way I can to help the associations. AlWAYS working towards the day when we get Government attention. Passing a law so these poor souls can have rights, a right to live in peace and be respected. Pushing the government to start a campaign nationally on animal welfare, if they don't know how to do this, we are in our plenty and can show them. Until then, the people who can make this happen, should feel ashamed we are in 2008, and we are rescuing animals in conditions such as Noel, Reina, Paloma, and the hundreds of thousands more that are filling the associations, and the rest dying by the roadside or in wells, left hanging from trees, or the wall they have been chained to all their life and noone has been bothered that the galgo has rotted to death. Having been used all hunt season, to meet a death as this.. payment for loyalty - this the norm! I wish to ask you - PLEASE dont close your eyes. I know its hard, I know that its hard to believe it happens, to painful to even want to know it happens. Its easy to think I am one, I cant do anything, I wish to tell you differently, your signiture on peticions count, your voice can be heard, the one dog you may offer a foster home to can be saved, re-homed, offered love.. the coats you sew keep them warm, the bandage you put in the mail helped in the 5th dressing of the day of a galgos wounded leg.. your conversation about this letter with your neighbour helps, they may tell someone who doesnt know... IT ALL HELPS! As ever I dedicate my letters to all the associations, to you all who take the time to hear my plea and what is becoming my desperate cry for help - to help the galgos. To Inland Trader for the continued support in the galgo plight, without whom I cannot reach you all! Above all, I dedicate all I do to the galgos themselves, those saved and those awaiting the kind hand of courage to come in and rescue them. For me, well I will continue to try to do my best for every galgo who crosses my path, and look towards one day having my own kennels and a place of sanctuary for the galgos in this area of Spain. One day! In the meantime, I hope to reach everyone with the galgos plight, touch all your hearts and see the day when we achieve the so needed law, all of us together. Man's best friend being let down by man! We can make a differance, all of us together. Please contact me for many ways in which we can help the galgos. " May you the galgo rise back up in society and become the household pet, you so deserve to be!"
A galgo friend!
Carlota and Ambo Ambasadog.
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La he llamado Paloma.
Nada más verla, allí, en la calle, gravemente malherida de sus patitas, me pareció una blanca paloma caida del cielo con sus alas inútiles para volar.
Paloma fue atropellada el lunes 28 de Enero por un camión, o al menos eso creen la buenas personas del pueblo donde habitaba esta criatura, víctima de un cazador que se cansó de ella hace más de un año.
Desde entonces ha ido pidiendo la caridad de un poco de comida, de puerta en puerta.
Si no tuviera poco con ser abandonada, desde otro pueblo cercano venían unos gitanos a propinarle palizas por la noche, que la dejaban extenuada, sin fuerzas.
Mª Jesús, la señora que dió la alarma, dice que la oían por las noches gritar de dolor y que más de una vez salieron para encararse con ellos, entonces se marchaban dejando a esta pobre víctima dolorida y maltrecha.
Esta señora le daba de comer, lo mismo que otras vecinas del barrio, hasta el día en que la cogió un camión. Empezó a ponerse muy malita, tiritaba y gemía, entonces dieron la alarma y me llamaron para ver si yo podía hacer algo por ella.
Poco he podido hacer. Llevarle pastillas de Calmoneosan, dárselas y esperar a que se calmara para poder cogerla. No había forma, con todo lo que ha tenido que sufrir esta pobre paloma, no me dejaba ni acercarme a ella. Cuando ha llegado el hijo de esta señora, entre los tres hemos podido meterla en el coche y camino hacia la clínica veterinaria.
Afortunadamente no parece tener ninguna rotura de huesos, aunque la herida es grave, afecta a tejidos y tendones. Al comenzar a curar, se le han acabo de romper varias venas teniendo una hemorragia importante que, gracias a estar en el veterinario y después de dormirla del todo, ha podido coser.
El veterinario ha dicho que al menos un mes para que sus heridas del cuerpo se curen y cicatricen, ¿podrán hacerlo en ese tiempo las heridas de su alma?.
Necesito ayuda para hacer frente a los gastos del veterinario, pues ha quedado hospitalizada por varios días, hasta que encontremos alguien que pueda hacerse cargo de ella.
Necesito casa de acogida porque tengo demasiados perros en casa, propios y ajenos como para que quepa una más. Y que ese ángel bueno que se ofrezca a tenerla, la pueda seguir curando a diario.
Necesito, ante todo, que alguien se apiade de ella para ofrecerle un poco de ese cariño que jamás ha conocido.
Es una triste historia, una más de los cientos de miles que suceden a diario a los pobres galgos españoles.
Paloma ha tenido suerte, dentro de su desgracia, ya ha salido de la calle, pero ahora necesita entrar en un verdadero hogar...
Por favor, os pido en nombre de esta galguita blanca que la ayudeis a encontrar el camino hacia un poquito de felicidad, apelo a vuestros corazones, que sé grandes.

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