This web page is dedicated to every Spanish Galgo

This web page is dedicated to every Spanish Galgo who is being tortured as you read this, and awaiting the kind hand of courage to come in and rescue them. Every letter I have written, had published, and every person I have spoken to about the galgos, it is in dedication to them. To the associations who work tirelessly to save, mend and further protect Galgos from the cruel hands of the hunter.

Carlota and Ambo, the Ambasadog for the Galgos!!




lunes, 30 de abril de 2012

Amazing Ana..

Ana playing with her toy and the rest of the gang

Ana in Adòption...
Here's Ana in her foster home chilling with her family. She has adapted really well and is loving life which was once robbed from her.
She is now a fantastic "tripod" and takes on life as a 4 legged dog would. she has recovered from the surgery really well and looks like she is gleaming. Proud to have made it! What she needs is "her forever" theres more for Ana, a family to call her "own". Please dont keep her waiting, she needs her own forever.
Ana en adopcion...
Aqui esta Ana con su familia de acogeida pasando el dia. Ana esta super feliz y se ver, su brillo y esta encantado con la vida que una vez fue robado y quitado de ella.
Ella es un "tirpod" de 3 piernas, y coje la vida como un perro con 4 piernas. Se ha recuperado de su operacion y esta orgullosa de haber ganado la vida como se merece. Lo que Ana necesita es su "para siempre" una familia que puede llamar "suya" Porfavor, no dejes mas, ella te necesito.

jueves, 12 de abril de 2012

One year on in his new home, Jasper celebrates with his mama and a cake!!

 Jasper rescued from Jerez, here collected by Dioni (with tulip) on their way to safety at 112 carlota galgos stables. Jasper rescatado en Jerez, aqui veamos Jasper con Galga Tulip en manos de Dioni.. caminando para la seguridad de las cuadras de 112 carlota galgos.
 Here Jasper has his walks with Tulip and Risa. Peace at last. Jasper, Tulip y Risa paseando conmigo.
 Home at last in slovenia with his boxer family member. Aqui con su hermano Boxer en casa.
 Freedom to play at home. Libertad para jugar en casa.
And.. here one year on in adoption at home with his mama in Slovenia. Ahhh! Y.. aqui un año mas tarde en casa con su mama, celebrando con una tarta!

Remembering Jasper!

Jasper came to us at 112 carlota galgos rescued by us from jerez killing station. Thin and dumped.
He had no personality and no will. Soon after being with us he learnt that routine wins and he began to shine. He was easy to love, and a pleasure to be with. He would look at you with his eyes, and you just could not resist a cuddle.
After many months with us, he went to stay with Tina at galgos del sol. 112 Carlota galgos cared at this point for several galgos for galgos del sol for their space was short and immense galgos in Murcia is a problem. we wondered if Jasper would find a home from their refuge, so we had galgos from GDS and tina took Jasper to see if he would be noticed. Jasper became depressed and wouldnt socialise, so we went to collect him and bring him back to 112 carlota galgos  stables. Within 24 hours he knew where he was and cheered up and even began to play. He just loved his walks!

Shortly after, Nina from SASIN got in touch with us regards Jasper and he had been spotted by a lovely girl who wanted to adopt him. we were so delighted for him, and so the day of the transport to Slovenia, Dioni travelled with our Jasper and the GDS galgos, to meet Nina.
All dogs on board, we waited patiently for their safe arrival.
Since then, Jasper has been loved by his mama and he is so happy.

Thankyou so much to Jaspers mama for loving him, and also Nina and team for seeing that he gets his forever!
in galgo affection.

domingo, 8 de abril de 2012

Gorgous Greta.. now Isobel.

The eyes of a galga which will stay with me forever. A galga in pain, in confusion and blank. For the human hand had betrayed her, had done no justice by her, and robbed her of herself.
This is the galga who would not walk, who without doubt in my mind was dragged, was shown how to run, taken advantage of for her long legs or laughed at for her long nose. This is the galga who entered into my heart and will forever stay. I promised this galga a new life, as they are all promised, but some enter with such pain in their eyes they fear themselves. The slightest movement, the sound of a pin drop a galga in fear, can hear it all.
Son ojos de una galga que se quedara conmigo para siempre. Una galga con dolor, confusa, y sin vision. Por el humano ha cometido un error muy grande y justicia no habia, le han robado la alma de ella misma.
Ella es una galga quien estaba bloqueada, no quiera andar, no pude. sin duda una galga quien fue arrestrada por entrenamiento, aprovechandose de sus piernas largas o riendose de ella por la nairzia tan larga. Ella es una galga quienentro en mi corazon y alli se quedara. hemos prometido una vida nueva, como todos. Pero algunos entran con un miedo que tiene miedo de ellos mismos. Un movimiento, el ruido de un aguja que puede mandar un galgo en un terror.. por ellos pueden oir todo.

Thanks to Beryl Brennan and David, Galgo News Greta was fostered before her journey to the UK. Its here she progressed and found herself just that little bit more. She found new friends, as we see here Carmela in bed with her, days of sunshine in the courtyard and a love and understanding only a foster family can give in prep for a new life.
Gracias a Beryl Brennan y David de Galgos News Greta ha sido en acogeida durante unos meses antes de su viaje a Inglaterra.  Aqui ella ha aprendido conocer un poco mas sobre ella misa, como se comporta en familia, y conocer nuevas amigas.. aqui vemos a carmela en la camita con Greta. Preparandose para una nueva vida!

Her daddy with her new sister Lola. This is a photo which Sofia and Neizan saw, my 2 number 1 helpers. They believe that Gretas Daddy is a Santa look alike and he came to answer Gretas prayers! I cant argue with that!
Su nueva papa con su hermanita galga Lola. Esta foto quien le han visto Sofia y Neizan, mi ayudantes pense que el papi de greta ha venido de Santa claus porque se parece mucho. Rezando por Greta, ha sido una realisacion.

Am speechless at the beauty of this photo, her ears, her love and joy for life. From a galga who wouldnt walk.. take a look and absorb what this means. Freedom.
Me ha quedado sin palabras a ver esta foto. La belleza del foto es increible, sus orejas, su amor, y alegria por vivir. Desde una galga quien no pude andar.. mirar lo, absorbar que significa esta foto. Libertad!

Thankyou. Gracias.

viernes, 6 de abril de 2012

Exciting news from the States...

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Arizona House votes for the greyhounds!
Dear Friends,

Less than an ago, the Arizona House of Representatives voted 54–5 in support of a bill to reduce greyhound racing at Tucson Greyhound Park (TGP). SB 1273 is the beginning of the end of dog racing in Arizona!

While racing, greyhounds face the risk of serious injury. According to state records, between January 2007 and November 2009, nearly 1,000 greyhound injuries were reported at TGP and the now-closed Phoenix Greyhound Park. The most common injury was a broken leg, and other reported injuries included fractures, sprains, dislocations, muscle tears and strains, lacerations, a cracked skull, broken backs, heat stroke, puncture wounds and paralysis. To learn more, see our full report and video.

We will let you know when SB 1273 reaches Governor Jan Brewer's desk. We should all ask for her signature at that time.

To support these continuing efforts, I hope you will make a donation to GREY2K USA and also consider ordering Spring flowers from our friends at Flower Power. Through April 27, this wonderful company will donate 50% of every order placed right back to GREY2K USA!
  • Orders are shipped directly to you
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • 50% of profits donated to GREY2K USA!
Finally, please do not forget that April is Adopt-A-Greyhound Month. Please consult our adoption list or to find a rescue group in your area. Then, please bring home a friend just like me today!

Resident Greyhound, GREY2K USA
© GREY2K USA. All rights reserved.
GREY2K USA is a national non-profit 501(c)4 organization dedicated to protecting greyhounds and ending the killing and cruelty of dog racing. Personal and corporate contributions are acceptable, and there are no limits on how much one individual can contribute. Because GREY2K USA actively lobbies for greyhound protection, contributions are not tax deductible.

miércoles, 4 de abril de 2012

Adios Ana, good night sweet girl, run free, run fast.. and never forgotten.

A Special friend and Tribute.

On behalf of a special family, 112 carlota galgos says goodnight to Ana.
The end of an era for a special setter. Her grace, her elegance and above all else her loyalty and friendship to a family.
Last week Ana closed her eyes and said goodnight to her beloved pack. For she was their carer, protector and best friend. Illness struck Ana recently and in the end it took her away. Ana has gone to Rainbow bridge where she can play, can heal, can watch over her family day after day. She can be a guardian Angel to a galgo, an abandoned dog on a dark cold night, to watch them until the kind hand of courage comes in and rescues them, before she moves on to her next mission.

There are no easy words at a time of such loss, the rawness and pain is an ache which is desperate.
Dear family,
We feel your loss, your pain, and understand tha gap you feel. Know that Ana is safe, she is well, and she love you more than love can be explained. A love from a dog is like no other, and thats the love she will want you to remember.

Rest in Peace Ana.
Run free, run fast, may you rise up on the wings of an eagle, your spirit flying high in freedom and faith. For you, special girl will never be forgotten.

My prayers go out to this family at this sad time.
In galgo affection.

But they who wait upon the Lord,
Shall renew their strength
They shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall not run, and shall not be weary,
and they shall walk, and not faint.

At the very heart of 112Carlota Galgos are Galgos and children... En el corazon de 112 carlota Galgos son galgos y niños.

A galgo in the making..
Attent activities, and galgos leaving a mark in the heart of the young..

Introducing galgos..

Just loving the entire class...

At the very heart of 112 Carlota Galgos are of course "galgos" coupled with "children" they make way for new beginnings.
112 Carlota galgos takes very seriously the potential which a child offers the future. In every aspect of life, the young child is a sponge which absorbs what is around him/her. The very environment in which they grow up in, play in, live in, is what they will replicate as reality and normality.
It's here where change can take place. If we make normality in a childs life, care and welfare of an animal it will become their reality.
Many a child still hasnt been awakened to what a "galgo" is. From the classes and talks we have been to its interesting to see their approach, their reasoning and their ideas.
The very way they embrace Charlie the fluffy galgo, hold him, caress him, cuddle him to feel the warmth he offers them, to the porcelain galgo who has been injured and needs very careful attention. All taken very seriously in the participation of the children in the class.
Aside having a giggle, at making galgos and activities which are fun, I have been spotted locally on the road by one of the children saying to his father excitedly "thats the Señora of the galgos".. galgos not forgotten!

The children of today make way for tomorrow, they bring with them the blessings which we teach them, the joys in which we show them they can gain from certain things. They can live a life blinded from animals and the love they give. But to talk with them, let them see what is real for a galgo as a hunting dog, and what can be real as a loved dog impacts them deeply and will help them make choices later on in life, which is really not so much "later on!"

This is where the heart of the asociation lies, in the hope and prayer that these children make future police, mayors, presidents, and they could even be hunters!! Yep, they could even be. BUT if they have had grounding, and understand the pain and disruption of negligence it offers possible change. If they understand the warmth and love a galgo can give, it makes way for a best friend to entre into their lives, to share all their secrets, be there on sad days, cold nights and playful garden days chasing balls or just running round the park.

This is my dream, the 112 carlota galgo dream, that the children become the future with change for the Spanish Galgo, for someone has to make change, and it could well be, one of these children where a galgo has touched their hearts as a youngster and made way for progress for what is an endangered breed of dog, in that it spends its life known as the silent sufferer, the tortured breed, the runner, .. its here I hope that if not now, but as these children grow up, that they will "raise the galgo back up in society as the household pet, it so deserves to be!"

Kids, you are brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you all, all the classes Ive been into, will go into, if we have helped leave a spark of love from a galgo in your hearts, then its something special that wont be forgotten. Ever!

In galgo affection.
En el corazón de 112 galgos Carlotason por supuesto "Galgos", junto con los "niños" que abren el camino para un nuevo comienzo.
112 galgos Carlota toma muy en serio el potencial que un niño ofrece al futuro. En todos los aspectos de la vida, el niño es una esponja que absorbe lo que está alrededor de él / ella. El entorno mismo en el que crecen , donde juegan, viven, es lo que van a replicar como la realidad y la normalidad.
Es aquí donde el cambio puede tener lugar. Si hacemos la normalidad en la vida del niño, el cuidado y el bienestar de un animal este se convertirá en su realidad.
Muchos niños aún no se han dado cuenta de lo que es un "galgo" . De las clases y charlas que hemos estado a sido interesante ver su enfoque, su razonamiento y sus ideas hacia ellos.
La manera que reciben a Charlie el galgo suave y esponjoso, cogiendolo, acariciandolo,  abrazandolo para sentir el calor que les ofrece, y este es un galgo de porcelana que se ha lesionado y necesita una atención muy cuidadosa. Todos toman muy en serio la participación de los niños en la clase.
Además teniendo una risita, en la fabricación de galgos y actividades que son divertidas, que se han detectado a nivel local en la carretera por uno de los niños diciendo a su padre con entusiasmo ", esa es la Señora de los galgos" .. y la palabra galgo no se les olvida!
Los niños de hoy dan pasos para el mañana, traen con ellos las bendiciones que les enseñan, las alegrías en la que Les enseñamos que pueden obtener de ciertas cosas. Ellos pueden vivir una vida cegada hacia los animales y el amor que dan. Pero para hablar con ellos, hacerles ver lo que es real para un galgo como un perro de caza, y lo que puede ser real como un perro amado a les impacta profundamente y les ayudará a tomar decisiones más adelante en la vida, que en realidad no es tanto "más tarde! "
Aquí es donde el corazón de la Asociación se encuentra, en la esperanza y oración que estos niños que los futuros policías, alcaldes, presidentes, y que incluso podrían ser los cazadores! Sí, incluso podría ser. PERO si se han tenido una base, y comprender el dolor y los trastornos de la negligencia que ofrece el cambio es posible. Si ellos entienden la calidez y el amor que puede dar un galgo, este deja paso a un mejor amigo a que entre en sus vidas, a compartir todos sus secretos, estar allí en los días tristes, noches frías y días alegres en el jardín persiguiendo pelotas o simplemente corriendo alrededor de la parque.
Este es mi sueño, el sueño de 112 carlota galgo, que los niños se conviertan en el futuro con el cambio para los Galgos españoles, para que alguien tenga que hacer el cambio, y bien podría ser, uno de estos niños que un galgo ha tocado sus corazones como un joven y dio paso a los avances de lo que es una raza de perro en peligro , en el que pasa su vida conocido como el que sufre en silencio, la raza torturada, el corredor, .. aquí espero que si no ahora, pero a medida que estos niños crezcan, que van a "elevar el galgo en la sociedad como la mascota del hogar, por lo que merece ser!"