This web page is dedicated to every Spanish Galgo

This web page is dedicated to every Spanish Galgo who is being tortured as you read this, and awaiting the kind hand of courage to come in and rescue them. Every letter I have written, had published, and every person I have spoken to about the galgos, it is in dedication to them. To the associations who work tirelessly to save, mend and further protect Galgos from the cruel hands of the hunter.

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sábado, 11 de julio de 2009

Remember The podenco Suerte....

Heres the update on SUERTE the Blinded Podenco, and his rescuers.. and now HIS NEW FOREVER HOME!!!

Congratulations to his rescuers on a sucessful rescue, and Good Luck in your new home Suerte. Bless you all!

The beginning of a new life
Finally we have the time to sit down and explain "Suerte's case" ending, and show you the so demanded pictures.We explained in our previous post the reason of our long silence so we assume it was described enough.As you all know, Suerte came to us from Laura and Sebas on December16th at 5 a.m. Since then and until June 8th he's been living with us, at our home, with our dogs and cats, being one more of the family and giving to him all the needed cares, physical and psychological as well.Have been 6 intense months, we will never forget about. Suerte was approx. 1.5 years old, he was completely blind, he was a victim of the human being abuse, so hated for some of us and so used by too many.He came to us with so many fears, thraumas, illnesses and physical problems. We took him to the vet and little by little we treated every single one of his illnesses, thraumas, physical needs and surgeries needed by him.In this time we went thought unforgettable moments with him; now, with the calm that distance brings you in time, we sit down to remember the beginning and we can't help to cry when remembering those moments......When the first night he wanted to sniff around and know the whole house and kept us awake walking, going up and downstairs until he had a whole map of the house in his head...When we could not sleep because he wasn't used to be "locked up" in a house ... When we were having such bad times to give him the meds, but he was really stubborn and didn't want to, until one day he thought treats could not be bad, even though if they have meds inside... When he found out he could play, with balls, toys or even the tv remote... When he used to listen our dogs running in the hills and he used to get mad for not being one more in those runs... When he started his heartworms treatment and he didn't go through good times at all with the shots ... The never ending sounds of the cat bells ringing in our wrists... his pranks... And so on a never ending list of good and not so good moments.But overall we will always remember his tenderness, his unconditional friendship with our baby boy Pon and his huge stubborness.In these six months we searched for the best adopter for him, we wanted him to stay in Spain, as all the other dogs we gave on adoption until now. It has nothing to do with discrimination, not at all, but we personally think that in Spain beside all the abusers there are also good, very good, people and animal lovers, same way as out of our frontiers there are also abusers. Some times it takes time to find a good adopter in Spain, but with time and patience you can make it. But overall, the most important thing is to find the best forever loving home for the animal.We received several adoption forms and we did send our questionaire to anyone of them. We didn't get a single questionaire back from Spain, but we did receive several from foreign countries, that were really amazing. We wanted the best home for him, he is a very special dog and not suitable for anyone as he has a very special character and needs.The best adoption form we received came from the states, but our answer was no, why? Just for the trip, Suerte could not be so many hours locked up, so with pain in our hearts, this family could not be the adopters no matter how good they were.And when we weren't expecting it we received a wonderful email from Germany wanting to adopt Suerte. They had all the characteristics he needed, we did never thought we could've found a better home, persons very experienced with abandoned dogs.Day after day, e-mail after e-mail, showed their interest and worries for Suerte's progress. We didn't doubt it and we confirmed that Suerte will go to their home when he was healed, operated and ready for the trip, but under two aditional conditions not required for other adoptions. Suerte would not travel alone, they had to come here to pick him up and they could not leave immediately, they should stay at our house at least three days, Suerte should know them and get used to his new family before leaving for a long trip. Of course his adopters accepted our conditions with no doubts.We are very proud of the work done with Suerte, we shared our life with him 24 hours a day and we know how he came and how he left us, a very huge change, and we are glad for being part of this metamorphosis, even though the merit is all his, his vitality and willing to live were enviable, everyone who met him always focused on the lack of evidence about his blindness"highlighting the lack of evidence of his blindness: "But, are you sure he can not see?", this has been the comment more repeated by friends, it was curious to see how good he could manage to do things, but unfortunately our answer was always the same: "yes, sure, he can not see anything at all"Previously we were informing of his progresses and treatments, after leaving him some time resting, verifying his good health and in the right time Suerte was castrated and short after his eyes were operated.The dr. Simó from Veterinarian Ophtalmological Institute in Barcelona, he was the surgeon for that operation.As said, he did a enucleation in his right eye that means cleaning the whole socket and close them carefully so with time he will not have infections. Luckily, the nictitant gland of his left eye was put back in place, sectioning a part of the third eye lid. This means that the wonderful Dr. Simó could reconstruct his eye, cut out and fix his third eye lid, which was cut. His left eye is smaller than usual and of course he can not see at all, but at least he can blink and estheticly he looks handsome We liked the results of the operation very much, even thought we had a horrible post operation time, as some of you already know, Suerte was a very bad patient, precisely for that vitality he had he didn't want to rest, he only wanted to play and go for a walk, but one thing is true, he never ever scratched the eye, he never touched his eyes and we could heal him daily perfectly.Here you can see some pictures of his operation and the days after:

With Suerte completely recovered and his eyes healed, we all were awaiting anxiously the arrival of his adopters, very happy to know that since then he would start a long and happy life, but also very sad for saying goodbye to him.On June 5th, about 12 p.m arrived home his adopter and a very good friend of her, after a long trip and very touched emotionally, after greeting us they went directly to meet Suerte. Suerte knew it, knew he would leave with them, knew that one of them were his future family and that car also was his.He knew that since the minute 0, he did get in the car, it was his and for the first time in 6 months, he growled at our dogs when they wanted to get in the car also, it was his and he didn't want to share it, hehe!Along 4 days and 3 nights Suerte shared the whole 24 hours with them, sleeping in their bed, going for a walk, they went for little drives in "his new" car and of course getting treats and cares from them constantly.Those were unforgeattable days for several reasons, has been a real pleasure sharing 4 days with a so wonderful couple, with a so special magic, even our Pin, which is scared of any foreign person, would let them pet him after a few minutes and as the hours went by it was him the one searching for them, letting'em hug him, pet him, something really unbelievable.Here we post a few pictures of their days here, of Suerte and some of our band. By desire of the protagonists we blurred their faces to keep them as anonimous.
As soon as Suerte arrived to his new home, they did call us to inform us of his state, they were so happy, the trip went very well. Suerte did get along very good with his 6 new 4 legged friends, the whole family was really happy with him.He did get used perfectly, all of them are very happy, here are some pictures of Suerte at his new home.
We want to express a very special thank you to Suerte's new family and her friend, for EVERYTHING, for treating us so well, for their unconditional love to animals, which was proved enough, we would never imagine to live what we lived together and we want to send you our most sincere thank you for that, deep from our hearts.And even though we hope to keep posting pictures of Suerte's new life, here we end up the "Case Suerte", to finish we just want to thank every single person making possible, no matter how, this happy ending.
Patricia and Victoria: for taking care of him and give the alarm for his rescue.
Laura and Angel: For driving to Huescar to pick up all the dogs.
Sebas and Laura: For bringing him home.
Dr. Adolfo: For all the cares, love and treatments.
Blanca: For helping us so much with her experience and knowledgement.
Every single person that helped economically: because without your help all of this could not be possible.
To all his godfathers and mothers: You've been a key along the way.
Ana: For driving us to IVO in the first visit.
Dr. Simó, Cristina and the whole staff of IVO: For their excellent treatment, discretion and kindness.
To all the friends who cared for Suerte as Yoli, Geles, Fer, Pilu, Gema, Deborah, Maria and many more.
To his adoptive family: for their patience along these months and their big heart.
To all of you we express our most sincere thank you.In spite of all the bad things, we would foster him once again, and in spite of everything, it was worth it.
See you soon Suerte, we love you and you will always be in our hearts!IMPORTANT: It is prohibited any partial reproduction of this publication , by any mean or procedure, without having a previous authorization, deliberately in writing by the publisher. Nevertheless, it is allowed to anyone interested that has been informing until now about the "Suerte's Case" to totally reproduce this document, as long as it is not manipulated, or modified adding or deleting text.
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