This web page is dedicated to every Spanish Galgo

This web page is dedicated to every Spanish Galgo who is being tortured as you read this, and awaiting the kind hand of courage to come in and rescue them. Every letter I have written, had published, and every person I have spoken to about the galgos, it is in dedication to them. To the associations who work tirelessly to save, mend and further protect Galgos from the cruel hands of the hunter.

Carlota and Ambo, the Ambasadog for the Galgos!!




sábado, 9 de marzo de 2013

Dizzy in love. A day in the life of charl.

Dizzy in love! A day in the life of Charl..

This morning took me back to Sr.Galguero. I never thought Id go there again. But this morning I was reduced to my knees and my heart broke in two. This is how my morning began.

I woke early to the call of the hounds, having been unwell all night (sure some kind of bug) I wandered down in my pj's to greet the babes in theirs. I opened them up, scrambled up the steps and fell back into bed. A full nights sleep for some, but for Mr.Ebro and I it was long and drawn out. He didnt need anything other tan to go out, but cried. Hes needy at the moment, its the way it is for him. His week ahead I feel will be the start of change, drawbacks, and the very beginning of what we call a step forward, 2 back.. but the long haul will mean he's done it! Made it.

I fell back into bed and woke again at ten. SUPER late for me, as I am up with the lark most days. These days, Im not sure whats night and day.. but where I fall I sleep. I uneasily drank my café, bad stomach reminding me o the night Id passed, weak and tired. Psychologically I cannot do anything until I have had coffee!

Dressing I go down to the gang, they wait in anticipation for the love they have begun to feel here they are hungry for. They take my breath away, literally when I see them waiting for me. Pure love, innocent and happy.. for me. I open the gates as I tell them to Shhhhhh, no need to greet me in noise for my head bangs. My hands go down and I cannot help caress the souls which lift mine and gift me the privalege  of them being in my life.

All cleaned as my head spins, dizzy in awe of these souls, and my heart suffering for Ebro. Realistically, clinically while Prince was hanging to life by a thread, he suffered nothing in comparison to Ebro, and all the while, I love them all. I have fallen for this breed hook line and sinker. My life is theirs.. something for them that they have never had. Of their own.. to be loved.

I scoop the bowls and off I go, breakfast calling. Leo in the background gaining ground all the time. Following me closely but fear inside. Odie jumping for joy, the pup inside just sends him wild, wise Maika knows thee drill breakfasts coming.

This morning I decided to break Leos routine.. to show him he can, even  though it hurts. Confrontation he just cannot handle but he has to learn to. A wild galgo trying to be tamed. I eventually close my fingers around his collar and decide to move him into Jades house. Yesterday Suri moved in with Prince and Odie for she is clever and able to "open" a window which has a latch. Photos I took of her jumping the window.. a wise escape artista who probaly did so to be free of her galguero. So Leo moves to Jades house,  this is where his fence will go up and he will have his kennel with his fence. Small and able to be handled. I am reducing his freedom where he feels safe. He struggled backed up like a wild gazelle but I would not let go. I held on and got tugged, almost fell and the  room mates he has concerned. For they see his distance and insecurities. He pulled back, fell over, but Leo " I wont let you go" a galgo in pain who has to understand this is it,  eventually I take him to Jades kennel and he is destroyed inside. For the forcé of being made to do something makes him want to crumble. I hold him, I hold his head and I tell him "here it is ok, here you will blossom, you will be free, I promise - if it takes forever then we will get there together!" He doesnt believe me. But I didnt expect him to.
Broken inside I close the door. I feel that raw pain more than I can ever express.

I close the door and feel sad inside. Moving to the bowls I collect them all clean and ready. Wandering back to the stable where the storage is..

Placing the bowls I begin to fill with food and meds individually prepared, and without realising I bang my head. I bang it on the only wooden shelf which holds the towels and the blankets heavily swaying down, for I dont yet have proper shelves prepared. I bang it on the corner and it stung. So stung.  Braveing the pain for a second Im ok, then tears began to fall. The scream inside of me made me weep and weep and weep.

I take 3 bowls while wallowing in my tears to Jades house for Mora, Dover and Leo. Opening the door I place each bowl on the floor. Stepping into this warm quarters I am dying in my tears. Drowning in pain.Streaming down my face I see these 3 souls. Examples of pain, broken,and ignorance  by man,yet I see love. I literally fall to my knees in inconsolable tears begging  God to help me make change. This is a moment I will hold onto, for Mora more concerned about me, leaves her bowl of food and comes to me. She presses her body against me, and I reach out to her, I rest my head on her girth, as she lets me standing quietly and still,and I feel such pain inside and I beg God to never let me leave this finca, to help me maintain this place for these souls who so desperately need it. Marked inside still from yesterdays joy at the childrens love for the galgos, I feel to the very depths of me the love for this place and all it offers the galgos. I held Mora close as I could not stop the tears falling, the wailing inside of me came  forth -I was inconsolable.
I looked at them, and my heart ached for Ebro. For the pain this galgo has been through,  for the past disgust,  for Jade as I sat on the floor of where she should have been now.. and I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. Not once did Mora move. Only closer to me as if she felt I needed her. I could not stop.

Inside I felt raw, the one desire I have in my life is to make change, it felt even more indepth and relevant.

"Please God help me help these souls, pleading inside me as Im on my knees the tears streaming, the sobbing uncontrollable I begged.. I saw the beauty of the finca and all it offers them, their peace, their tranquility, and I begged him to let us stay somehow, here forever!" I begged that here we can make change in the lives of the kids who will be the future. I saw my life before my eyes doing nothing but this. Watching galgos come in, and go, but the visión being change for the future.

Crying allowed for Ebro, for them all, .. for the goal, for the result. As I found peace, and the sobbing lessoned, I released Mora and looked up. She looked at me, and gracefully turned to then eat. The other 2 didnt even attempt to take her food as they had finished. I think they saw the moment and felt it.

I closed the door silently, respecting their blessing in my life, and went to the next kennel to feed the happy pods awaiting me. The pods who had been beaten, marked and broken.. now, happy and loved. Carly and Clio waiting their breakfast as still the tears just quietly  fell.  I walked the orchard to go and get the galgos breakfast and breathed it in, all it means to the galgos that walk it, play in it, and relax in it. I take their bowls and feed the girls.. Maika, Elsa, Ete, and Eli. All aware that the ambiance in me was altered.

I take to the next kennel, Prince, (who has his kibble mixed with warm fish juices and leaks, veg and rice, ) odie and suri who take life in their stride and goof their food down ready to play play play.

The bruise on my head, the lump formed is nothing, but the tears continued  and combined with the emptyness of Jade, with a passion for making the galgos safe, seeing it through all the way, burns inside me.
As I answer the phone to a new case, a rough haired galgo shot in Sevilla but scooped by a policeman, brought the galgo to his home, alive with the pellet dislodged a galgueros attempt at another killing. Well Sr.galguero you missed. The new galgo who is nameless remains in the home of the policeman, but will come to 112 carlopta galgos when there is room. The importance of adoptions means another is saved.. When Eli and Maika go home to their forevers this space is open for the new nameless galgo! In the meantime he will be cared for by my vet and held onto by the pólice man, until he comes to the finca 112 carlota galgos and learns a new love.

Holding my breath on news for Ebro, this next week is crucial. He has a bad stomach, la ong time on antibiotics which now he will take stomach protectors and th área of the pins infected, normal also after so long, broken inside I  await next weeks appointment for him and its here we decide opérate the two legs together or one at a time.

I walk the finca, breathe it in, see the effect it has on visitors, it just sucks  you in. if you didnt love the galgo before you came, you will when you leave. The finca oozes a peace and tranquility for them, healing which in turns heals people who spend time in the orchaard with the galgos. in my weakest moment there, having fallen to my knees in prayer, pleading with God to let us stay forever.. to gift this to the future galgos and children, a feeling they will never lose an indepth base of love which will continue with them for the rest of their lives is all I want now from life.

So, drying my swollen eyes, I come into the house to start the day. To make vet calls and paperwork. To move amongst my family with my broken heart.. for this realistically is what the plight of the galgos does, to me.
I will fight for this breed of  dog, today and everyday. My pledge to them, is my life for theirs but I ask nothing from them, just that they can be! Because they can!

An innate love, of my soul touched, so deep teres no way back. I move forward in the plight and the care of those galgos to come to us. Forward in pride when I see children open up to them. An awesome feeling of positiveness for the future.

Ive dedicated so long to publishing, pounding the streets, the internet streets for publicity, Tv and radio breaks for these souls, to tell the world they need us.

Im honoured, and privalged to ba a part of their lives, for this breed of dog offers a serenity
that until you have felt, you realice there is nothing in the world like it.

While my days are filled with the care of these souls, I cannot do it alone. I cannot fulfill this dream, this goal, touch their lives without  you all. Your help is paramount in the changes of these galgos lives So, from me, from the galgos in our care, from my family, we thankyou with every breath we take, with every  caress made to Ebro, wiith every child blessed who has come to know the galgo here, with every inch of my body heart and soul, thankyou.

A galgos friend "Martin" asked me "how does the plight make me feel, how does it affect my life?" well, welcome to a day in the life of Charl! I am proud, in awe, and amazed by the Spanish Galgo. That I take the scars on my heart for the cases we receive, yes, that I fight a battle of a country which disreguards these poor souls as vermin, yes.. but that I wake everyday greatful that I can do this, Yes! That I wake and say thankyou that we are in the finca for the galgos to have this peace, yes!
That I believe the galgueros are responsable for breaking more tan the galgos.. yes. Ive seen many relationships end due to the pressure, sickness takes over, hearts eternally broken, yes.. Ohhh Yes they are so much more responsable for damage done to the galgos and their rescuers.. but, while I can, and I endevaour to do so, fill the plight with positivity, the love of a child is so pure, it has no shame matched perfectly to the love of a galgo. That yes..

That I walk the finca, the orchard despite the tears inflicted, in complete greatfulness that we can do what we are doing for these souls who cross our path.

I am in awe and greatful to every single person, who helps us bless these galgos, who helps us care for them, and to whom we have now formed bonds. Relationships, so needed in the plight of the galgos. For we will make change, all of us together.

A proud Charl ..

 In Galgo Affection

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Sue dijo...

What a lovely post. It's nice to know these beautiful dogs have their angel here on earth.

Hope the happy trimes outway the sad.

Sending hugs.

Unknown dijo...

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