This web page is dedicated to every Spanish Galgo

This web page is dedicated to every Spanish Galgo who is being tortured as you read this, and awaiting the kind hand of courage to come in and rescue them. Every letter I have written, had published, and every person I have spoken to about the galgos, it is in dedication to them. To the associations who work tirelessly to save, mend and further protect Galgos from the cruel hands of the hunter.

Carlota and Ambo, the Ambasadog for the Galgos!!




lunes, 20 de diciembre de 2010

Los galgos de JEREZ! Galgos from Jerez.

We were brought from our boss to here...I met this galga here.Little did i know about the good news.
Hemos estado traido de nuestro jefe aqui. He conocido esta galga abajo aqui. Poco sabia yo de las noticias tan maravilloso.
Here we are.. officially sisters. We had been seperated for awhile. I was told I was going to go to another area in Spain.. and the other galga now named "Holly" such a pretty name was going to a place called England. I missed her in the place which was warm where we first got taken to, and here we are together again having been told that Hollys new Mummy and Daddy are making me Hollys sister, Im called "FAITH" I actually have a name of my own. I love you Angela and Peter. I am as excited as Holly and we will be together forever. This is me, FAITH with my little girl rescuer. She helped take me to Holly in her car.
Here I am .. I'm Holly!!!! Im arriving at VIPET. This is my residency which Faith came to with me afterwards. I waited patiently for her as I want to help her feel safe. We are sister now ya know!

This is the person who came and took us out of that horrible wet place where we were scared and cold. Where our boss took us all to. There were too many galgos like me there. I was so lucky. I never felt anyone like this person touch me kindly before.. he changed my world.

Look here.. here we are with this other person in this blue suit. We were taken here and treated like princess's. I heard Charl call him Paco. Like Holly and I, he has a name. He pinched us but we didnt mind as Charl said it was for our good to see if we were poorly. It was incase we needed special medicine. We are fine though - isnt that great! we got chuches too but were too scared to eat them. Though they smelt really good. Chuches are treats!
Charl tells us like Ruso, Santa has come. We cant believe how lucky we are. She tells us we have a new Mummy and Daddy. That the little girl who brought me to Holly, she will help look after us until we go home. Home to Mummy Angela and Daddy Peter. miracles happen! We pray for all you galgos left in the perrera that your miracle comes as well.

Its the time of year when hundreds of thousands of Galgos are "dumped" no longer needed you see, not cost effective - not that they ever were. Fed on bread and left on cold floors, thats what the Hunter thinks. He abandons his loyal friend and hunting partner "s" by leaving them to their own devices, or taking them to the pounds.

Es la epoca del año cuando cien de miles de galgos estan "tirados" - no hace falta usar los ya, no tiene beneficio economicamente - si tenia alguna vez! Su comida pan con moho, y suelos frios como cama, no gastan nada en su perros el cazador. Asi es como el galguero piensa. Se dejan su amigo "s" fiel, y tiradan por hay.. a su suerte, o se abandonan en las perreras, a su muerte si nadia se fija en ellos. Da igual!


Heres where the cry comes from Maribel.

ENDLESS Galgos enter into Jerez station every day, 15 at a time. Poor Maribel sees the destruction and sends out the plea. MANY asoc. come into action to help, taking 2 - 3- 4- 6- as many as they can to free them.. only Maribel is faced with more the next day.
SIN FIN galgos entran en la perrera de Jerez todos los dias. 15 a la vez. Pobrecilla Maribel todos los dias esta viendo la destrucion y continuamente pensando en estos pobre animales tan asustados y buscando exito para ellos. Muchas asoc. se pone en marcha en intentan de ayudar, llevando 2,3,5,6 como pueden. Pero Maribel el dia siguiente esta viendo lo mismo.

Last week, I had the absolute delight of Dioni going to JEREZ because we met through GALGO NEWS (Beryl Brennan.. book From Heaven to Hell) Angela and Peter. In the UK.
They had spotted Holly through a web site in the UK. Lying on the cold floor she took their breath away and they moved mountains for her safety. At the same time we were picking up another galga (now faith) to go to our good friend TINA (galgos del Sol) in Murcia.
La semana pasada tenia el placer de que Dioni fue a JEREZ porque de Galgo News hemos conocido a Angela y Peter en Inglaterra. Ellos han visto a Holly porque los de Jerez estaban en una pagina web en Inglaterra.
Se han movido montañas para rescatar esta galga.
Acompañada venia a Faith, con planes de mandar la a nuestro amiga TINA de Galgos del Sol. Murcia.
Holly went to residency as she is going to have her time in preparation for her journey to the UK and be with her new family. Faith stayed here with me for the night. Crying and searching Holly, my heart wept for her. Her dependancy on Holly and they had only just met. But they clung to each other in the uncertainty of another stage in their life. The next day Angela told me they wanted to Adopt Faith as well. They couldnt leave her behind.
Hemos llevado a Holly a su residencia, donde ella estaria preparada para su viaje a Inglaterra con su nueva familia. Faith se ha quedado conmigo para la noche. Llorando, buscando a Holly. Como me senti ver la asi. su dependencia a Holly cuando en realidad lo han conocido de repente. Pero se ha agarrado uno al otro, en esta siguiente paso tan inseguro de su vidas. Al dia siguiente Angela me dijo que queria adoptar a faith tambien. de que no pueden dejar la tampoco!!!!!!
It overwhelmed me and I couldnt wait to tell Faithy. She looked at me from Ambos bed with fear in her eyes. I knew then the only person who could reassure her, would be her new sister HOLLY! Of we went to see Holly. The photo above is the moment Holly and Faith saw one another, the kiss on the nose. They spend their days cuddled up together. Their future secure in the love of Angela and Peter. An amazing greyhound rescue couple who have the biggest hearts and to whom my thanks for Holly and Faith will be eternal!
Que alegria.. no pude esperar para comentar las noticias a Faith. Ella me miro desde la camita de Ambo con miedo en su ojos. Sabia que la unica persona quien puede asegurar a Faith era Holly. Hemos ido a ver la!la foto arriba es del momento cuando faith entro a la jaula con Holly, besando la en la nariz. Sus futuros seguros ya en el amora y calor de Angela y Peter. Una pareja con corazones abiertos a los Greyhounds y galgos. Mis agradecimientos seria para eternidad a esta pareja tan maravillosa.
There will be over the next 6 months photos of the girls, and cant wait to add on at the end, the photo of their arrival to their Mummy and Daddy. How proud I'll feel. Tomorrow they will be sterilised, together! Recover together, and of course come to Auntie charls for the recovery and then back to residency. They are an extention of our family.. until they go to their Mummy and Daddy!
Durante los siguiente 6 meses vamos a seguir su historia, con fotos de las niñas. No puedo esperar las fotos de su llegada en Inglaterra con su mama y papa. Que orgullosa estaria yo.
Mañana van a ver el veterinario para estar esterilizados y juntas claro. Y vuelve a casa aqui para recouperarse y despues su residencia. Hemos extendido nuestro familia y ellos estan parte de eso hasta que se vayan con su papis a Inglaterra!
My greatest thanks go to Angela and Peter. Mil Gracias a Angela y Peter.

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