This web page is dedicated to every Spanish Galgo

This web page is dedicated to every Spanish Galgo who is being tortured as you read this, and awaiting the kind hand of courage to come in and rescue them. Every letter I have written, had published, and every person I have spoken to about the galgos, it is in dedication to them. To the associations who work tirelessly to save, mend and further protect Galgos from the cruel hands of the hunter.

Carlota and Ambo, the Ambasadog for the Galgos!!




miércoles, 29 de febrero de 2012

Greta number 2..

Same dog, same country with a matter of a week inbetween temperatures! Does she look concerned? Not at all, for this is Greta named after Greta which we had in 112carlotagalgos and now adopted in the UK, for Darja loved Greta in the UK but couldnt adopt her at that time. So, Darja met her new love who went to Slovenia, .. named her Greta and here she is. I ask if she minds the temperature, for imagine this same dog, skin and bone in ths now and gale winds in Spain, abandoned, hungry, and unloved.. Id say she would mind that.. her we see a galga loved, cherished and adored. That same galga, with her coat on playing in the snow and running on the Slovenian beach.

GREAT work Darja and Family, for Greta will love you forever.

Es la misma perra, lo mismo pais, con nada mas de una semanita de diferencia en temperaturas!! ¿A ella veamos preocupado por eso? Para nada, ella es Greta, nombrado por Greta que hemos tenido en 112carlota galgos, y ahora adoptado en Inglaterra. Darja amado a Greta pero no era posible conseguir esta adoption.. Darja un poco tiempo despues se ha adoptado su galga. Nombrado Greta tambien.
Pregunto si Greta se ve preocupado por las tenperaturas,... imaginate, aqui en españa la misma galga en los huesos, con ese frio hambrienta congelandose.. es asi la realidad. Aqui veamos estas temperaturas pero con una galga feliz abrigado, contenta, y en la playa distrutando la vida.
gracias Darja y familia por querer tu Greta, ella te va a amar os, para siempre.

Jasper.. recent photo of him playing with his boxer brother in the snow.

Ah heres Jasper, he came to us rescued from Jerez almost 2 years ago and here he is.. loving life with his boxer brother. many thanks Jaspers adopted mama for loving him.
ahh aqui esta Jasper. Hemos rescatado a Jasper de Jerez. Hace casi 2 años, y aqui esta con su hermano Boxer, encantado con su vida como el se merece tener.
Gracias Mama de jasper por amar le tanto.

viernes, 24 de febrero de 2012

Words Fail me in 2012 as humans make dogs their trash. Dispicable. Estoy sin palabras, Humanos son culpables de esto...

You would think this case to be in Greece, or 3rd world, .. but the reality hurts its Sevilla.

URGENT help needed. Translated below. PLEASE pass on.

Esta es una situación horrible, una acción titánica, la cual una persona sola es casi imposible de que lo consiga, por esto, pido ayuda MUCHA AYUDA. una manada de perros abandonados conviven juntos en un polígono en Sevilla, en cual esta rodeado de naves de particulares, tanatorios y autoservicios. Como es lógico la gente le pega se queja y ya ahí varias denuncias a la policía y a la “protectora de Mairena” (!PERRERA Y DE LAS MALAS¡). Así que por favor no me dejéis sola en esto!!!!!!! PIDO AYUDA URGENTE!!!! DIFUNDIR TODO LO QUE PODÁIS, ENCONTRARME CASAS DE ACOGIDA O ADOPTANTES LO MAS RÁPIDAMENTE POSIBLE. LLEVAN EN EL POLÍGONO MAS DE 2 AÑOS!!!!!!


News in from Sevilla.. ABANDONMENT and death..

miércoles, 22 de febrero de 2012

Polyana.. in adoption.


A brindle galga walks the streets in Sevilla, lost and alone.
Thrown out as trash and unwanted purpose with a story to tell of being a galga in Spain. Beaten down and feeling low, she wanders and begs, sneaking food where she can. Empty bins may have spilt a crumb, gravel on the floor may just have a grain, its not much to keep going but it could ease the pain.

The rawness inside, and the sad ache in her heart, she continues along her lonely path. Don't get near for she is a galga, an unwanted item after the hunt season finishes.
Small and dainty this galga fights on, through the freezing nights and cold days, the frost in the air chills her bones, a cold so unbareable it has to be told. I have no idea from a personal view how galgos survive in the torments of weather changes. Only that this special breed of dog has a will and a strength to continue no matter what.

Incredibly scared and timid she finds her rescuers, and low and behold is caught. Linda takes her to Aurora, and there she begins to see that there is change.
Scared of her shadow she comes with REY to 112 carlota galgos and well, within 24 hours is at my leg. she is looking for love in all the right places for its here she will receive all that she needs.
A dainty face and eyes which pierce you, she begs for your love and follows the gang. She learning all about routine and walks, that food isnt short and warmth in her bones ... never again will she feel that cold.

Polyana is in adoption but first needs her vaccinations, sterilisation, chip passport. She is negative in her tests.

She is sweet as sugar, she needs someone to love her, so dont hold back.. melt into her eyes, and take her home.

If you would like to help with poly we would be very very greatful. Desperately needing help to continue to work, to rescue and improve th lives of the Galgos and Pods that we reach.
In Galgo affection.



Una galga atigrada anda por la calles de Sevilla. Sola, tirado como basura porque ha terminado la temporada de cazaria para alguien. Ella ya ha sirvido pero ahora no vale.

Ella va andando sola, buscando cobertizo, unos migas de comida en la basura. Algo para llenar el hueco en su estomago.
Una galguita pequeñita, con una carita preciosa es basura para su galguero. Sus ojos te entran en tu corazon y alli ella se queda. Es dulce, y cariñosa, y ella quiere alguien para amar.
Rescatada por Linda, Poly venia a 112carlotagalgos con REY, juntos estan acostumbrando la vida nueva, sin dolor, sin estar pegado, tratado con cariño, comida, y el frio que ella tenia que pasar, la lucha durante noches frios en Sevilla, congelandose ya ha pasado. Por ahora ella tiene su camita, esta calentita y esta esperando una familia.

Esta negativo en enfermedades pero queda para vacunar la esterilizar la, y preparar la para un adopcion.

Aqui mientras escribo noticias de Poly Ambo embajador mi galgo, dejar su cabeza encima mi pierna. Un dia Polyana vas a tener lo mismo una persona quien te va a querer con todo su amor.
Adopta la. Te esta esperando!

Si puedes ayudar con Polyana, estaria muy agradecida.
En efecto Galgo.



Its here I lay me down to rest, between the banks of the dust at best. Its here I can go on no more, for my legs are weak and my heart is sore. Ive walked the kilometres, Ive stood the ground but its here that I just lay right down.
The nights are cold and the days are long and the shivering I feel is all day long. I ache inside and cry in pain for the hunger inside just reigns and reigns.

Life alone means no abuse, something thats shows on my skin thats loose. I wear the trail of disgrace and pain, and all along with nothing to gain. The days I felt the galgueros boot, the emptyness while I was loose. Run fast and free Sr.Galguero says but at the end of the day my age gives way.

Im old and tired and the young are fast, this time I seem to have run my last. Ive squashed up tight in the box on wheels and Ive banged around on my sore heels, I chased the hare you told me too, obliging a kill even though I didnt want to. I ran as fast as my paws would go, it wasnt enough and I felt the blow. I let you down Sr.Galguero, I gave you my all but its here I fall.
Scars on my body and starved almost to death, I wander and wander till theres nothing left. I lay me down in this pit of dust and its here I believe Ill go, I must.

Just then in the distance I see a shape, a soul comes close, and doesnt forsake. For here I am, I can take no more, the worlds against me and I hit the floor. I'm lame and weak,and Ive given up, but this soul of a person just raises me up. Im scooped up by Linda and Joaquin and Im taken to safety somewhere Ive never been. They say Im thin thinner than thin and that one day confidance Ill win. As time goes by, Im doing ok, but I need a break and somewhere to stay.

Its here I move to 112 carlota galgos stables, I go with Polyana, another galga in fear. Im confused and unsure, its change yet again, but I get the feeling its here Ill gain.
Theres food in the morning and in the afternoon, at the moment Im not interested because Im confused. We go for walks here, and the stables are warm the other galgos greeted me with a lick and a call. They tell me its all ok now, and a family Ill find and that one special day will one day be mine.
Im 7 years old, but here they just say youre not an old guy, you are just in your prime.

I go with the flow, and I follow the crowd for charl who comes, she comes with a smile. I find myself by her side, and she always has a hand to slide, it goes across my scarred body caresses my skin, a confidant hand she tells me Ill win. The other galgos they play, and they tell me its ok, but Charl says I can take my time, for my confidance she will win.

I have my own bed here, sr.galguero who let me down, nothing I had with you but your boot and your frown. Im tucked up at night time, and welcome the day, for a new life is dawning and I like it this way.
I can take my time, I can adjust as I can, but Charl is there to guide in play.

There must be someone out there to love me, for Charl tells me Im stunning and that Ill soon see. Im not alone here, its just the start and despite being 7 this feels like Heaven.
Charls told me theres more than this, a sofa, a bed, a hug and a kiss. A family to call my own but Im not sure what that is, but Charl says its lovely, safe and bliss.
Ive lived for this day, through the pain and sorrow and I hold on now, for the days of tomorrow.

Charl told me how Lucky I was to be seen, that thanks to Linda and Joaquin, Im free from lonliness,sorrow and pain, that everyday from now is simply a gain.

So Ill wait for my family, the best that I can, Ill hold on in hope, and the pain will be gone.

If you would like more information on Rey (king) please contact us.
In order to rescue, and continue the care of the galgos we have, we need help for their stabling, vets and food. This help, is extremely active as it saves lives, its enables a safe haven and a chance at a forever for an abused abandoned galgo or podenco.

We cant continue without help, if you would llike to sponsor a stable, help Rey, or any of the galgos we have in care, we need you. The galgos need you.

In galgo affection, always.

jueves, 16 de febrero de 2012

Ha sido un placer asistir en el paseo 12 Febrero 2012 en Malaga en nombre de los galgos.

 Mariposa rescatado de un infierno, ya feliz con su mama y familia.
 Bruno rescatado de las calles de sevilla, sigue en adopcion. Tambien el estaba feliz en asistir en el paseo. Ya rescatado, recuperado, y esperando su para siempre.. Adoptalo!

Ambo embajador on his way to the walk in Malaga, means business with his galgo save hat on!
 Maria del Mar and her precious Ena, adopted 112 carlota Galgos.
 Kevin con Mariposa, adoptado 112 carlota galgos, aqui con halo. Rescatados juntos. Here Kevin is with Mariposa, the princess of the family. Halo attended the walk with us rescued with mariposa, he remains waiting for his forever.
Estibilitz with Iru, adopted 112 carlota galgos.

112 Carlota Galgos attends the peaceful walk on sunday 12th Feb in name of the Spanish galgo.

A moments silence for all the galgos lost to death, or to die, and in prayer to make it to safety.

112 carlota galgos, goes to school. 112 carlota galgos.. vamos al cole!

 112 Carlota Galgos signs diplomas for every child in the class... firmando diplomas para cada niño.
With much care, this fawn pot wounded galgo was passe around and cured.. con mucho cuidado este galguito de ceramica, herida fue pasado por la clases con mucho cuidado para su curas..



*While La Leala has permsission to show photos of children on their website, I personally feel that without parental permsission to me directly for my site I have chosen in respect to blank out the childrens faces.
* La escuela La leala tiene permiso de los padres  para usar fotos en el internet, pero yo personalmente sin recibir permiso para mi pagina, he elegido bloquear las caras de los niños.
 Here a group nurses a wounded pot galgo.. Aqui un grupo  curando un galgo herido..
Neizan proudly presents Twiggy.. Neizan esta orgulloso a presentar a Twiggy.

112 Carlota Galgos goes to school.. 112 Carlota galgos va el cole...

112 CARLOTA GALGOS goes to school.

Invited into the Primary class 1ºa at La Leala school I went in equipt with games, and projects to make for easy learning about "Just what a galgo is" and the "responsibility" of owning a pet.

The children were extremely responsive and recognised the pained faces and thin bodies of an abandoned galgo against one tucked up in its bed safely in a home or running round a garden happily. From looking at new borns to the elder genertaion of galgos they were all taken in by the cause and how to spot a galgo and keep it warm. To understand about caring for another creature no matter the breed but to also understand why galgos are used and then disreguarded of. To knowing how good it feels to protect them and keep them safe.

The children handled a teddy galgo "TWIGGY" and cuddled and stroked it. Then saw another side, they had to handle a pot galgo with a broken neck. Glued back on, signified its rescue and cure. The children handled it with care and detail, and then went on to a bilingual class. Each child was presented with their very own diploma having understood about the galgo breed, pictures they colorued in, and a small gift in which to remember 112 carlota galgos visit by.

Here's hoping this generation make change.. this is where we are based and this is what we are aiming for.
thanks class 1ºa La Leala.

Invited in again to other classes, there will be more updates on school activities.
In galgo affection
 The class looking at Galgo photos, "Hungry galgos, and adopted galgos"
 Here the class can see the differance between cared for, and abandoned..
Neizan with galga Twiggy and his colleague..

Gandalf plays in the snow! Gandalf juega en la nieve!!

This is GANDALF. A Galgo x podenco, he so looks more galgo than podenco. Gandalf has been waiting over 4 years for a family of his own. He through no fault of his own, is black and a cross between 2 breeds which noone seems to want. Myth of a black dog dooms him, and as we see, he is still waiting.
Gandalf is cared for by a friend of mine in Madrid. On the video you see him with the green collar on, looking stunning.
Gandalf had a very bad time, and through fear aggression barked to warn everyone off. Now he is improving, for he has received the love of someone who cares for him on behalf of 112carlota galgos.

Are you that person who can offer gandi his forever home, his own family to love and cherish? Its not his fault that humankind allowed him to be born, and then tarnish him and make him a victim because of his colour and breed.
Please spend a moment to watch the video, melt into gandalfs eyes, and apply to take him home.. he is waiting!!!
Este es GANDALF! Un galgo cruce podenco pero mucho mas galgo que podenco. Gandi lleva mas de 4 años esperando una familia para el, alguien quien el puede querer y ser querido.
De momento el esta super bien con una buena amiga de los animales y nuestro en Madrid. Gandalf, una victima de crianza humano, sin pensar a los consecuencias. Ademas, el tiene un color NEGRO, lo cual se dice con una tonteria de mito es mala suerte. Un color negro, cruce de 2 razas de perro que son los mas sufridos a los manos de hombre, .. significa que para gandalf otro vez es victima.

El no tiene la culpa de ser nacido, ni su color, ni su raza. Es un amor de perro, es un perro quien ha sufrido muchissimo, en negar a la gente se pone a ladrar como quiere decir aqui estoy yo, antes que tu me puedes pegar! Ya este comportamiento esta mejorando, es sociable y el ya ha aprendido querer.

Eres la person quien puede ofrecer a Gandalf su para siempre, enseñarle que no tiene que esperara mas, de que despues de su maltrato hay gente quien tiene corazon para un perro asi, tan bonito cariñoso y quien quiere dar te todo lo que tiene.

Sus datos estan en la pagina

El te esta esperando.......

sábado, 11 de febrero de 2012

A march in the name of FREEDOM for Galgos and Podencos of Spain. Paseo en nombre de libertad para los galgos y podencos de españa.

The march starts at 12.oo and finishes at 3pm they have applied for a licence to hold the march so its offical and in collaboration with the Andalusian Collective Against Animal Abuse (CACMA), The meeting place is Plaza de La Marina Malaga which is located close to the main harbour in Malaga

This group also held a similar march in October to mark the begining of the hunt season and had a good turn out they are asking for people to wear black and to put black scarves on the dogs and not to carry any banners and there will be a silent protest.


Sunday, 12 February 2012

12:00 until 15:00

Pza. de la Marina y Ayuntamiento
Málaga Perruna se adhiere al evento organizado en Madrid contra la caza con galgo, podencos y contra la tortura hacia todos los perros de caza.
Con la estrecha colaboración del Colectivo Andaluz contra el maltrato Animal (CACMA), que también se adhiere a la iniciativa.
Nos reuniresmos a las 12:00 en la Pza. de La Marina y daremos un paseo hasta la plaza el ayuntamiento. Nosotros le pondremos un pañuelo negro a los perros en señal de luto, como ya se hiciera en la manifestación celebrada el pasado mes de octubre.
Por favor, no es una manifestación (ni tenemos el permiso pertinente) así que no debemos llevar carteles ni algo que puedan identificar como manifestación, con los pañuelos negros o ropa negra puesta, puede bastar.
La iniciativa a la cual nos adherimos la podrás encontrar en éste enlace:
Copiamos la información del evento tal cual:
Ya ha terminado la temporada de caza y empieza el calvario para muchos animales.
Manifestación silenciosa por los galgos y podencos, Domingo 12 de febrero, en "El oso y el Madroño de sol". Si eres de otra provincia, haz un evento e invita a toda la gente que conozcas. HAZ CORRER LA VOZ!!Hemos pensado ir vestidos de negro, como luto por todos los galgos que han y van a fallecer, por los maltratados... nos pondremos una careta con una cara de galgo, cada uno puede imprimir la suya, y una soga en el cuello. También sería conveniente llevar un cartel en el pecho con algún mensaje significativo. Ojalá participe mucha gente y asociaciones. Muchos juntos, podemos hacer algo, o por lo menos, hacernos oir.

Sunday, 12 February 2012
12:00 Until 15:00
Plaza de la Marina and City Council
Malaga adheres to the event organized in Madrid against hunting hound,hounds and torture toward all hunting dogs.

With the close collaboration of the Andalusian Collective Against Animal Abuse(CACMA), which also adheres to the initiative.

We reuniresmos at 12:00 in Plaza de La Marina and take a stroll to the town hallsquare. We put a black bandana to dogs in mourning, as was done in the demonstration held last October.

Please do not be a manifestation (or have permission to do) so we should not carrysigns or something that can be identified as demonstration, with black scarves andblack clothes on, can suffice.

The initiative to which we adhere to the'll find in this link:

We copy the event information as it:

You have finished the hunting season and begins the ordeal for many animals.
Silent demonstration by the dogs and hounds, Sunday 12 February, in "The Bear andthe Strawberry Tree of sunshine." If you are from another province, make an event and invite everyone you know. Spread the word! We plan to go dressed in black, asmourning for all the dogs that have and will die, for the abused ... we will face a maskwith a greyhound, everyone can print their own, and a rope around his neck. It would also be advisable to carry a sign on his chest with a meaningful message. I hope many people participate and associations. Many together, we can do something, or at leasthear us.

viernes, 10 de febrero de 2012

Charl & Ana say thanks... Nuestros agradecimientos...

 Thrown out and unwanted.. living rough. Broken leg in tow. Tirado como basura. Viviendo como vagabundo.
 Thanks to Rosemary & family here Ana could be encouraged of the campo for us to rescue. Gracias a Rosemary y familia Ana se ha podido estar rescatado.
 Newly operated. Out of the clinic, helped by Dioni and I on each side. Recien operado, saliendo de la clinica apoyado por Dioni y yo en cada lado.
 I promise you everything will be ok. Te promeso, todo va a estar bien.
Ana's best friend ANGELA (in adoption) who has helped her through thick and thin. Being her stable mate, and friend. la mejor amiga de Ana. Angela (en adopcion) ha estado con ella durante todo, su rescate y bienvenida a la cuadra y a su operacion y curas. Un amiga de verdad!

Ana and I would very much like to thank all the kind people who have helped and would like to continue to help in Anas care.
Without such help there is no way we can achieve the results that we do for the dogs.

Ana needed special care, each dog which comes to us is evaluated and cared for on those individual needs.

I cannot express enough my gratitude to each one of you for helping us with her operation and continued care.
Ana is one special podenca. Angela her best friend supports her ensuring her of constant support and friendship.

My deepest thanks to you all.

Ana y yo queremos agradecer tod@s las personas quien he ayudado en el caso de Ana.Sin la ayuda de cada uno, casos asi no podemos ayudar.
Tristemente cada caso tiene un gasto economicamente, sin la ayuda de personas como vosotros, seria impossible de alcanzar los resultados que sacamos. El resultado de alegria es cuando recibirnos noticias de una solicitud y adopcion sobre un perro.. no hay un alegria como esto. Esto es la promesa que hacemos para todos.

Angela sigue en adopcion, es la mejora amiga de Ana. esta a su lado dese su rescate, y ahora como amiga y confianza durante estos dias tan duros para Ana en su recuperacion.
Ana es un amor de podenca, mas guapa y mas especial no hay. Si tu ves que ella te ha entrado en tu corazon, y no puedes parar de pensar en ella.. contactar conmigo, igual eres la persona quien ella esta esperando.

Una vez mas, MUCHAS GRACIAS a  todos por vuestro ayuda para que Ana puede tener un operacion que hacia mucha falta y en buscada de una familia.

Amazing Ana and her amputation.

 In her own bed after the surgeryAmputation
 Resting up after surgery
 Newly operated
Walked out of the clinic better on 3 legs than she went in, on 4 legs.
 Amazing Ana.

She looks at me with her amber eyes, so pure and intense, that I melt each time I look at her.
Her behaviour tells a tale of when enclosed, she feels claustrophobic. A sign of her galguero keeping her in too smaller a place, her box on wheels to go hunting in, or who knows where he kept her? We don't know as many times we are just not there to see the abuse, but we pick up the pieces as the galguero washes his hands with what he regards as trash. The signs these dogs shows us, when we observe them, can be read and a piece falling into the jigsaw can be made as to their past. They cant talk, they cant tell us, .. but many times their actions speak volumes.

Many may remember when and where Ana came from. The trails of some fool, we cant tell.. a car knock down, a trap, or what seemed to look more like it, a bashing to the leg which made her bone break. Poor Ana, alone in Valencia pups in tow, fed by Rosemary who kept her promise to see her
rescue right to safety. She didnt give up and while noone would take Ana, we did.

GRIN forwarded emergancy funds for Ana, for which I am extremely greatful. Ana has twice now been under anaesthetic to look at the leg and manipulate it. Anas leg needed looking out while she was asleep as she felt pain and there were reocurring infections to deal with. The muscle too tight just wouldnt allow the leg to work. But we had to try everything. The bone re infected, twice .. and so today, the decision was made for the benefit of Ana to amputate the leg. The amputation has been completed high up for this aids balance.
Upon opening the leg the damage was too intense. Her leg just could not be saved. The nerves were
damaged, tendons damaged, muscular damage and mass atrophy. It was the right decision for Ana. But sr.galguero you placed that onto us. Its my family, my children and I who look in her eyes tonight, desperately wanting to tell her its for her best, but seeing her pain. Unbelieveably she handled walking out of the vets better than when she walked in. False sense of security is there on a 4th leg which is constantly lame.

So here we are, chicken cooking for tomorrow as understandably she has no apetite for tonight, and planning a sleepless night in concern and visits to the stables. She is in her stable with Angela for company. All the dogs knew something was wrong and they all wanted to see her through the door. Angela her best friend lay nearby.

Her faith in us to hold her, like a child while in pain and to nurse her, and yet it was my decision. Sometimes these decisions we have to make, and its for their best. The wound while looks bloody is good, its normal that there is slight blood coming through to drain. Her process is constant now, cold water to be applied to cut the blood supply there and inflammation. On several atibiotics, pain relief. She looked at me tonight and I caressed her, she closed her eyes peacefully.. I promised her it would be ok. Neizan promised her a family of her own. Someone who would love her, share their life with her and treat her like the princess she is. He told her just like Lucy. A true fighter.

Ana is going to need good nutrition to recover, its going to be slow and time consuming, we committ to every dog we have, in all their individual needs. The time she needs she will recieve, but she needs a home. A forever, to show her that she has a forever waiting for her, all of her own. To show her love in a family environment, that hanging on in faith has brought her .. truth and love just for her.
Despite the ugliness of a hunters wrath, her love shines through.

Sr.galguero, how many dogs have you let down? How many have not served their purpose for you? How many have you been able to walk away from and left them in their pain, caused by you? At your cost Ana has lost a limb, for you tossed her out without a care, surplus to requirements. What we dont know is did you cause the damage? At your disreguard she recieved a blow to the leg which has fortuneatly brought her to the right place, in the fields where she was found it would have infected so badly it probaly in the end would have gone gangreen and the agony she would have felt.. immense. Your loss.. is our gain!

Sr.galguero "You have blood on your hands!"

Ana is going to need constant care for recovery, good diet to aid her digestion, and further veterinary assistance. She has already undergone 2 anaesthetics so as not to cause her pain while looking at the leg and manipulating it, Of course now, with such surgery her return visits to the vet will be often. Constant antibiotics, and attention to detail.

If you would like to help us, in anyway with Ana we would be very greatful for your help. correct food, vet costs and medication, and if Ana has reached into your heart, and you have a place for her to offer her a family, please please contact us. She will be waiting...

Ana is a fighter, has faith in us and we endeavour to help her heal and find her forever. This is one special podenca. Melt in her eyes, and love her forever.

Please take a moment to allow Ana a moment in your heart.. ya never know she may just make it melt!
In galgo & Ana affection, always. 

sábado, 4 de febrero de 2012

Latest news on Lucy...

The latest news on little Lucy is that she is ADOPTED by the family who have fostered her. She sooo needed a mama and papa who can offer her all the love in the world. And its just what shes got, a dream come true. We love you Lucy, thankyou for touching our lives. Be happy and you are always in our hearts. You made it lil one... Fanntastic.
In galgo affection
 A happy charl and family.